The Five Disciplines of Influence Intelligence*

Natural leaders, well-liked executives, and successful managers have one skill in common: they lead through influence. While they may not always have direct reports, they are able to drive consensus, garner approval, and inspire teams to get work done. These folks are generally positive and congenial and often fun to be around. People follow them, look up to them, and help them achieve their goals.

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Influence Management is expressed across several dimensions of business acumen. Finding the synergies and building interconnections across business skills and soft skills are what enable and sustain individual success in business and in leadership roles.

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STEM for All

Fewer women than men have careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. 

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Historically girls have been less encouraged in and exposed to STEM opportunities. It sounds outrageous, but it’s not. In the US, studies show that preschool girls are still pushed toward dolls and cooking toys while the same age boys are given building toys and science kits. In a world built on tech, where AI is literally driving us and science is transforming our daily lives, we cannot afford to limit STEM participation!

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