Personal Energy Is A Renewable Resource

The great equalizer is time. Every human being, no matter their aspiration, motivation, location, status or business title, has the same 24-hour day to accomplish their goals and dreams. So, how can more time get allocated to achieving important objectives? The answer: simply by managing personal energy.

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Personal energy is the total amount of physical and mental strength a person possesses. The level of personal energy someone has, is impacted by the thoughts, emotions, and choices they make. Personal energy management is the secret to getting more done and to being more effective at work. While building business acumen skills, consider managing and growing personal energy reserves, too.

Attitudes and actions impact how much energy a person has at any given time. For example, an individual who prioritizes good health, fun times with family and friends, along with regular sleep, is going to have more personal energy than another person who eats poorly, sleeps less than six hours each night, and rarely finds times for relaxation.

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